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Wedding Cross, In God's Presence

Wedding Cross, In God's Presence


  • $ 95.00

8" X 5.75" Solid bronze imported from Germany

This richly textured and uniquely shaped wedding cross features some of the most arresting bronze work in our collection. The In the Presence of God cross is a wedding gift or anniversary gift that uses universal symbols to remind you or your loved one of the beautiful union that is created in marriage. At 8 by 6 inches, it makes a strong yet subtle addition to nearly any room it is placed in. It is made of solid bronze and can be mounted on any wall or framed.

This wedding cross is so popular not only because of its aesthetic beauty but also because its symbolism speaks clearly, simply, and powerfully to the sources and results of love in all its forms. At the top of the anniversary cross are the divine hands, giving blessing and grace to the marriage of the figures at the foot of the cross, who are in a loving embrace. At the left of the cross are two overlapping wedding bands, a reminder that wedding vows take place in the eternal realm. Finally, on the right of the cross is a living branch, ripe with life. This wedding cross reminds us that love is a living, earthly thing as well as something rooted in the divine love and power of God.


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