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Homecoming Party Sympathy Card

Homecoming Party Sympathy Card

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Death is God carrying us in one arm while the other flings aside heaven's door, to welcome us back to the blazing hearth of our first home.
While those inside, having arrived before us, rush to the door like glad children shouting, They're here! They're here!
Death has a bad name on earth, but in heaven, it's a homecoming party every time the door opens.
God does not forget those earthbound children, sad and left behind.
God leaves the party early to enter into their despair and to get them ready for their own parties someday.
Jean Formo
The poem, "Homecoming Party" and its calligraphic design, both by Jean Formo, may not be reproduced in any way by any means without prior permission of the copyright holder as provided by US copyright law.

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