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Sculpture, Holy Family

Sculpture, Holy Family


  • $ 32.00

Solid Bronze Statue
2.25 x 1.25 inches

 The Holy Family is presented here in serenity. Yet the circumstance and consequences of the baby Jesus’ birth were anything but serene! Joseph seriously considered divorcing himself from Mary since she was pregnant with someone else’s child. Joseph and the pregnant Mary were forced by the Roman occupation forces to undertake an arduous and dangerous journey to Bethlehem to be registered. They frantically and desperately sought a safe place to shelter Mary now in the throes of labor, but had to settle for the squalor of an animal stall, smelly and exposed to the elements. Right after Jesus’ birth, they had to flee Bethlehem in fear of Jesus’ life. They undertook an even longer, more arduous, and more dangerous journey to Egypt as refugees driven from their homeland. Finally, they did eventually return to the monotony and predictability of daily life together in Nazareth. If the modern parallels to the struggles, fears, and anxieties which the Holy Family experienced are not apparent, then a rereading of Matthew, chapter 1, and Luke, chapters 2 and 3 – in light of what is happening in our country and in our world – might be in order.

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