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Cross, Paschal Lamb Pendant

Cross, Paschal Lamb Pendant


  • $ 83.00

Handcrafted Dolomite Stone and Resin Pendant
2 inches
Symbol of Christian holiness and faith
Made in France

The Paschal Lamb Pendant provides an excellent opportunity to teach about the deep roots of our faith to whomever you give the pendant. Jesus, of course, is the Paschal Lamb: he who was the perfect sacrifice, who chose willingly to give his perfect life in order to bring about the redemption of humanity. But this notion reaches back to the Jewish roots of our faith: at Passover each year, a lamb without blemish would be offered by each family or community. The blood of this lamb would sanctify the house of the believers. Give an Easter gift that is rich with meaning, symbolism, and the depth of our faith this year. The Paschal Lamb Pendant will last a lifetime and can be passed on throughout the generations in your family to teach this important lesson anew with each generation.

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