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Wedding Cross


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The promise to say “Yes!” unreservedly to another for life–in other words, to lay down one’s life “until death do us part” for the beloved–is indeed an awesome commitment of every Christian denomination. To the one who sees with eyes of faith (in the One who makes possible all things), hope (for a shared future in good times and bad) and love (for the beloved), marriage is a leap of joy into the very mystery of divine love. Love does not fear, nor is it intimidated by the challenges that lie ahead. The capacity to give and receive love is the capacity to be most fully human, most fully alive.  This solid bronze cross, conceived and realized in Germany by a master goldsmith, is a faithful and faith-filled expression of the awesome mystery of the marriage commitment–a gift for a wedding or anniversary, but also something more: the confident affirmation that love does conquer all.

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