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Wedding, Harmony

Wedding, Harmony


  • $ 123.00

5" tall, a weighty sculpture

Solid Bronze Figurine with Green Patina, Made in Germany.

One might call this sculpture ‘Ode to Joy’. This Harmony Figurine shows two people who are in touch, bringing out the best in each other, rejoicing in the dance, at the same time honoring, respecting, and breathing in the sacred space between them. While the two figures are in touch with one another, they are at the same time, opening themselves up and reaching out to the world. The contrasting polished green and bronze patina highlight the beauty and artistry of this sculpture. It is eye-catching, and invites the viewer to pick it up and join the dance.

Measuring 5.25 inches tall, this sculpture will affirm a cooperative professional interconnection,with arms raised in celebration, or a life-giving personal relationship for those who are held close to you. This heirloom quality bronze piece represents the dance of life, the spirit of cooperation, and the embrace of love.

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