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Nativity with Star and Angel

Nativity with Star and Angel


  • $ 44.00

3.5" X 3" Made in Germany of bronze.

It’s amazing what a rich story this small piece tells: Mary and  Joseph kneel next to the Holy Child’s cradle, Mary cradling the baby, Joseph’s hand reverently on his heart, the shepherds and the magi looking on. Behind the cradle stand a charming ox and ass. The Star of Bethlehem is radiant above the scene, surrounded by the rejoicing angels in the heaven. A joyous angel unfurls a banner above: “Gloria in Excelsis” (Glory [to God] in the Highest)! Whether for a loved one, or for your own Christmas decorations, the Standing nativity is one of our most popular Christmas gifts, one that will enrich your Christmas every year.

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