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Nativity, Lathed Wood Holy Family

Nativity, Lathed Wood Holy Family


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Joseph is 4.5" tall.

Lathed wood, made in Germany

The Holy Family is usually depicted (as it is here) in full serenity. Yet the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus were certainly anything but serene! Joseph almost left Mary since she was pregnant by some other man. A foreign authority forced Joseph and the pregnant Mary to travel on a long and arduous journey to Bethlehem. They desperately sought a safe and clean place for Mary to give birth, but they were forced to settle for the rank squalor of an animal stall – scant protection from the elements. After Jesus’ birth, they feared for Jesus’ life and fled Bethlehem in haste. Now refugees forced out of their homeland, they undertook an even longer and more arduous journey to far-off Egypt. But they did return, eventually, to the humdrum monotony of daily life in Nazareth. While your family may never experience what the Holy Family had to, your family (like every normal family) certainly has its own abundant share of drama, stress, and tension! Your family is called in the midst of personal and familial strains and stresses to become a “holy family” as well.

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