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Plaque, Peace Be With You

Plaque, Peace Be With You


  • $ 39.95

Solid Bronze Dove Plaque
1.75 x 1.75 inches
Religious Gift for Confirmation and More
Made in Germany

This solid bronze plaque features an imaginative and creative depiction of a dove, a multi-faceted symbol reminding us of God’s grace and covenants as well as His enduring presence in the Holy Spirit. The plaque itself is versatile and compact at 1.75 inches square. It can be placed on a desk at work, or have a comforting position on a nightstand. This is a solid, sturdy piece at about 8 ounces in weight. The texture of the piece is remarkable, with the dove itself made of solid, radiant bronze and slightly elevated above the rest of the plaque. The rest of the plaque features an earthy, organic patina that mixes green and dark brown. The Peace Be with You Plaque is a beautiful example of hand-crafted work by an artisan in the old-world style: it is tangibly suffused with the profound spirituality of the artist. This plaque makes an excellent Christian gift for all seasons, but is especially appropriate at Confirmation.

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