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Sculpture, Family with One Child

Sculpture, Family with One Child


  • $ 131.00

Solid Bronze Statuette with Green Patina
5.25 inches
Made in Germany

This Family with Child Statuette is a moving reminder of one of the most nourishing aspects of the family: the idea that it cultivates the development of the people in the family, while at the same time, the family remains a single entity itself, growing and changing in love as time goes on. This solid bronze statuette features a green patina that makes it vibrant with life. At about 5 inches in height, it makes an excellent addition to your family room, and can be placed either on a mantle or an end table. The Family with Child Statuette is the perfect gift for any couple expecting their first child, or mother’s day gift.

In today’s hectic times, the power of family is often overlooked. We take for granted all of the life-giving and nourishing functions a family provides. This statuette makes a great gift to remind ourselves that the family is a unique, living entity, that allows parents to raise children with strength, faith, hope, and love: precisely the things that are lacking most in our world. Give the Family with Child statuette for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday or anniversary gift. Send a gift that allows the whole family to pause a moment and be grateful for the fruits of family.

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