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AD Breast Cancer Bell Collection

The Story:

"There is a story for every bell," and it's yours. Join the hundreds of women wearing the Breast Cancer Bell already in support of a loved one going through her story.

We all know someone touched by breast cancer, and the Arise Designs Breast Cancer Bell is a lovely gift to give in support of your loved one.

The clapper dangling between the two sides of the bell gently rings as you move, reminding you of that special person in your life.  Family members and friends often wear the bell in support of a loved one.  

 In this collection you'll see the sterling silver Breast Cancer Bells, the Birthstone Breast Cancer Bells, the Ribbon Breast Cancer Bells and finally the 14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold Cancer Bells. 

The bell itself is 3/4" X 3/4", not including the bail.



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