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Little Guardian Angel

Angel, Guardian


  • $ 108.00

5" tall. Solid bronze imported from Germany.

This solid bronze figurine stands 5 inches tall. Conceived and cast in a German art studio and foundry, the “Babysitter-Little Guardian Angel” statuette is an endearing gift of heirloom-quality that will be “regifted” again and again, for generations to come.  This statuette is a beautiful reminder that God loves and cares for the most vulnerable among us – and that you do too.

Angels are not “gravity-challenged! “Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly” (G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy). Nor are angels “musically-challenged”! Angels exult, rejoice, sing, praise, jubilate, glorify, and sing some more! So angels fly, and angel sing. But angels also guard. Angels stand watch over and protect the most vulnerable among us. This solid bronze statuette of a guardian angel as babysitter is a poignant gift for the proud parents of a new baby, as well as for any other “baby” occasion: baptism, birthday, and homecoming.

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